It’s really sad that all people care about is if the boys can/can’t come to the UK, instead of Ashtons health. He needs to rest up in order to be up and going again. The boys will make it up to us, we know they will.
Ash is only human and has a right to be ill and need rest, you do not need to tear him down for that.
I am from the UK and personally want the boys to stay a bit longer and rest, spend time with family and friends and take a break.
I don’t mind at all that Ash needs to take it easy, I don’t mind that we have to wait for them to come to the UK, they’re human and they have the right to rest, breaks and deal with normal issues.
I just really hope Ash gets better, I send him all my love. He can take as long as he wants in order to be back to his healthy, happy self.

Stop getting Ansty about having to wait a little longer to see the boys.

^^^^^^ thank you.

This^^^^^ agreed